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FireHead Jerry has music featured in 3 films to date.

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The Trouble Man

Check out FireHead Jerry in this new TV show.

The song "Get it Done" will appear in the show's intro before every episode.


Starring and produced by David Krumholtz.
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Separation Anxiety

A feature film directed by Cole Simon.
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A short film by Peter Hermes.
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HotHouse Bruiser

FireHead Jerry is also doing the score of the audio series "HotHouse Bruiser". Coming soon to an app and Webseries near you....
HotHouse Bruiser

Interviews and Blogs

FireHead Jerry has also been featured on 102.1 KPRI in San Diego and 90.7 in New Jersey.

Their music is available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and Pandora Radio.